Hours of Operation:

Wednesday-Friday: 10-12 and 1-5PM

Saturday: 9-12 and 1-4

Wednesday May 4th- 11 AM

Music of Lightning & Air Presented and Conducted by C.G. Martiello

Strange, ghostly music will soon float through the air at the Cheshire Children's Museum! Sounds that could be described as purely science fiction, vibrating form the world's oldest electronic instrument: the Theremin! Since the turn of the 20th century, this bizarre device has been enchanting audiences around the world, from concert halls to rock and roll bands to motion pictures, as the only instrument on earth played without ever actually being touched. Thereminist C.G. Martiello will present a truly unique experience to introduce the instrument in an engaging, educational show, exploring the captivating history of its creation, how it works, and how the Theremin has come to shape the face of modern sound, such as movie scores and sound effects! Join him for a presentation / concerto, followed by a workshop and Q&A session where you will be able to experience and test this incredible device hands-on! Lecture-performance-workshop typically runs 45 minutes to an hour. Its more than just spooky sounds, it’s the music of lightning and air!



Wednesday May 11th- 11 AM

Songs and Stories from around the Campfire by master storyteller Todd Goodwin

Mr. Goodwin began his career as a story teller while a camper, C.I.T., counselor and director of Camp Monomonac in Rindge, NH. Around the campfire there are no loudspeakers, costumes or sets, just the face and voice of the teller who uses the imagination of the listeners to travel to different places in time and space. Mr. Goodwin creates many of the stories he tells from his camping background and growing up as a New England Yankee. He adds to his repertoire from literature and his experience as a teacher of drama and history and the blessings and challenges of everyday life. He sings and plays the harmonica to create a complete “campfire” experience that can be enjoyed anywhere people gather, indoor or out. If you have a campfire ring or outdoor spot, even better!






Wednesday May 18th- 11 AM

Interactive Folk Storytelling with "Papa Joe Gaudet"


Author of For A Wish, The Ghost & the Apple Sauce, Jack Frost, Keenwitted Orphan, New Pots From Old, Poccamandas, Three Hairs, Too Much Christmas Pudding, Brave Little Samantha

In the tradition of the itinerant storyteller, Papa Joe travels the continent collection tales and inviting folks of all ages to Step into a Story. From Cow Head, Newfoundland to Austin, Texas; from the beaches of Florida to the mountains of Washington State. What makes him so special? His passion for storytelling? His devotion to his audiences? This Master Storyteller designs shows to meet your needs, and it's the audience that leaves feeling special. Join us at the Cheshire Children's Museum to experience stories with the opportunity to share with the group. 


“It was far more than we had hoped for. We were very impressed that you could entertain the children and still maintain control. The children were captivated and talked about Papa Joe for days. Without costumes, props or puppets he managed to hold the children mesmerized! His expressions and voice changes as well as his ability to get the children to interact with him were incredible. His performances lasted 45 minutes and even the youngest of our children were held spellbound by him. For days after his visit you could hear the children singing his songs and reciting bits and pieces of the stories he told.” — Alison Bourdelais, Merrimack Valley Montessori Pelham, NH

 May 6th- Little Zoe's Pizza

Who doesn’t like brick oven pizza? We will walk down to our neighboring business, Little Zoe’s Pizza at 149 Emerald street to see how delicious brick oven pizza is made and then… EAT PIZZA!

May 13th- Walpole Savings Bank

Ever wonder what a banker actually does? Come join us to learn about different types of currency, money sense, and have a chance to win fun prizes!

May 20th- Wackadoodle Children’s Art Studio

CCM is very fortunate to welcome Priya Allaire. As a local children’s artist, she will be demonstrating various art mediums and leading fascinating, fun activities.


May 27th- Keene Police Department

The CCM will host a member of the Keene Police Department. The KPD is responsible for keeping our community safe, so join us at 4 PM to learn about what it takes to become a police officer!

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How YOU can help:

 If you or your children are not feeling well, please stay home.

 Please use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the museum as well as during play.  

 Please put props that have been in a child's mouth in 1 of 2 Yuck Buckets to be sanitized.  They are located by Monadnock Munchkins and the Fire Safety Exhibit.

 No food or drink in the museum, (coffee is an exception!)