Cheshire Children’s Museum focuses on our local Monadnock community, regions of New Hampshire, and the world far from us.



Monadnock Community - Where Can You Go Around Town? 

This part of the museum includes exhibits that highlight places to explore in the Monadnock region.  Our exhibits include a farm, market, food truck, school house, radio station, veterinarian office, theatre, art studio, construction zone with a completed dollhouse, health and wellness exhibits, bank and a post office. 



Transportation -  Where can you go and how can you get there?

Visit the Travel Agency and then use the plane, train, ship or cars to get to your destination! 



New Hampshire Park -  Learn about our state

Pass over the musical bridge to enter the park, visit the ranger cabin and read in the granite "Reading Rocks" cave.  



Monadnock Munchkins (for age 3 and under)

Designed as a safe, home-like environment separate from the rest of the museum for babies and toddlers to explore.  There is a toddler-sized kitchen set, table/chairs, foam mats for crawling, soft, large blocks, and

much more!