Downloadable Educator Cards


Educator Cards – These printable activities can be used to prompt discussions, be used at classroom stations or as choices for group or solo projects and activities. 


(3) Power of Children Image Discussion Cards (double sided)

Speak out Against Racism! Hatred! and Discrimination! 


(3) Power of Children Symbol Discussion Cards (single sided)

Symbols: Jewish Star, U.S. Marshal Armband, AIDS Ribbon 


(4) Power of Children Activity Cards (double sided)

Design a NAMES AIDS Quilt Square

Make a Positive and Powerful Poster

Write a Lasting Letter

Mix It Up At Lunch!

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Exhibit Scavenger Hunts Available


Printed "Scavenger Hunts" are also available during your field trip to help students fully engage and explore exhibits. These hunts are available at two different levels of challenge depending on student ages and abilities.


Just ask to complete the scavenger hunt upon your arrival.