A huge THANK YOU to our Founding Family Members!

Cory and Stephanie Milotte

Amy McIntyre and William Stroup

Robert and Alfrieda Englund

Peter and Courtney Fugere

Shannon McNamara and Jim Lichoulas

Priya and Ryan Allaire

Jessica Densmore and Jeremy Donovan

Ken and Sarah Kiburis

Mary and Bryan Granger

Sarah and Matthew Patriquin

Elizabeth and Andrew Cardine

John and Norma Couture

Nancy McComish and Geoffrey Martin

Karrie Kalich and Tim Sampson

Deb and Gerry Ganley

Charlene and Rick Hastings

Marni and Randall Walter

Kristin Targett

Deb and Greg Hansen

Harry, Angie, and Lee  Ackerman

John & Catherine Byrnes

Jim & Erin Condap

Jeremy & Kristie LaPlante

Terry McNamara & Julie Lombardozzi

Chris & Emily Mills

Mikel & Lisa Steadman

Jerome & Airika White

Louis and Suzanne Castriotta

Jen and Victor Pepin

Jim and Judy Putnam