Vision          Cheshire Children’s Museum will inspire children

                   to want to learn and to believe that anything is



Mission        We are dedicated to enriching our community by

                    providing unique hands-on educational

                    experiences for children that ignite their creativity

                    and awaken their curiosity about the world. Our

                    dynamic exhibits and programs will integrate the

                    arts, science, math, and literature for children to

                    discover, explore, and learn through the power of



Values         We value…

                   …hands-on educational experiences 

                   …involvement in our community

                   …excellence and professionalism

                   …differences and diversity

                   …a safe, clean, accessible, and welcoming space

                   …respect for visitors, donors, volunteers, & staff

                   …creativity and the importance of play while learning

                   …adults following children’s interests and allowing them to